What is the Best Crossbow Pistol?

crossbow pistolAre you wanting to get into archery without breaking the bank?  Maybe you just want to spend some time with the family plinking at targets on a sunny afternoon.  Or head into the woods for some small game hunting and fishing.   Maybe you’re looking for another tool to throw in your survival bug out bag.  All of these things are possible with a crossbow pistol.

The problem is there is several on the market.  You have no idea what accessories to buy or the safety of these.  I had these same problems too when we wanted to buy mini crossbow.  Because of this we have done our best to compile a list of what we feel are the best ones on the market based on our own comparison s and reviews of others.  We will also provide articles and reviews of accessories, safety, and tips for your new mini bow.  We have put together CrossBowPistol.Net to be your all-inclusive, one-stop-shop to this exciting version of archery.

2015 Ultimate Crossbow Pistol Guide

ImageNameDraw WeightBody MaterialPrice RatingReview
ImageNameDraw WeightBody MaterialPrice RatingReview
Cobra Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80-lb. 80 lbs.Die Cast Alloy & Brass$$4.2Check out our Review
M48 Self-Cocking 80-Lb. Cobra Crossbow Pistol 80 lbs.Die Cast Alloy & Brass $$4.2Check out our Review
80 Lbs Self-cocking Crossbow Pistol Cross Bow 15 Arrows 80 lbs.Metal$$4.0 Check out our Review
Velocity Recurve Pistol Crossbow, Black 80 lbs.Aluminum/Fiberglass$$3.5Check out our Review
Avalanche 150-lb. Wood Crossbow 150 lbsWood/Metal$$$3.5Check out our Review
Prophecy 80 Pound Aluminum Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow 80 lbs. CNS Aluminum$$4Check out our Review
80 Pound mini crossbow 80 lbs.ABS Plastic$3.0Check out our Review

Price – $ – Under $25, $$ – Generally $25 – $75, $$$ – Over $75

Rating – Based out of 5


Why a Crossbow Pistol?

  • Cheaper than a compound bow or rifle crossbow.  If you want to get a rifle crossbow or a compound bow it’s going to set you back at least a couple of hundred bucks by the time you buy the bow and it’s accessories.  You can easily spend a grand with the higher end setups.  However, with the pistol version you can easily get started for under $50.
  • More compact than a compound bow or rifle crossbow.  Whether it’s in your hands, automobile, or backpack, the pistol version is lighter and smaller than rifle crossbow or a compound bow.  This makes it more enjoyable to tote along and use for everyone including ladies and supervised children.  The small profile also makes it easy to throw in a bag to take along on that next camping trip.
  • A more universal fit.  Compound bows are set up for right/left handed and by draw length.  This means that father and son usually need separate bows.  Not so with these mini bows.  They can be shot left or right handed and the draw length are the same.  This allows you to share one mini pistol bow with the family saving more money.
  • Legal is places where other weapons might not be.  In several states, these handheld crossbows are legal where a firearm might not be legal.  This gives you an option of target practice or self defense that you might not otherwise have in those states.  Check with your local and state laws to see if this is the case for you.
  • Dangerously fun.  Yes, these are not a toy and pack a deadly punch!  An 80 lbs draw weight can send a bolt down range as speeds of close to 200 feet per second and do some damage on a target.  That’s also what makes them so much fun as you spend hours nailing a target over and over.  The power that comes from something so small is definitely addictive.

Do I Need My Pistol Crossbow to be Self Cocking?

Most all the crossbow mini pistols reviewed or recommended on CrossBowPistol.Net have the self cocking feature.   The self cocking feature is basically a lever on the back of your crossbow that allows you to load the string into the firing position easier.

With traditional crossbows you would normally use a string or another cocking aid to pull back on the string in order to lock it into the fire position.  This can take a lot of strength and time which can take some of the fun out of target shooting.  With self cocking you can make quicker follow up shots and is less physically demanding.  Plus you don’t need to carry any extra cocking aids.  You will definitely appreciate the self cocking feature of these mini crossbows.

Metal or Plastic?

The main component body of most pistol crossbows are made from either metal or plastic.  The metal is usually a die cast aluminum alloy.  The advantages of aluminum alloys are that they are lightweight, have good dimension consistency, offer general stability and offer good corrosion resistance.

The second most common material for a crossbow pistol is ABS plastic.  ABS plastic tends to be a harder plastic than most other forms of plastic,  Advantages of ABS plastic include lightweight, impact resistance, toughness and cheaper to manufacture.  In general most of the higher priced mini bows use the die cast aluminum alloy while the cheaper bows use ABS plastic.

Will I Need Anything Else?

Generally speaking your new crossbow pistol will come with everything you need to get started shooting.  However, there is a few accessories that might be worth getting to keep your crossbow working fine and keep you shooting.

First is extra bolts.  A bolt is what is shot out of a crossbow and over time they will break and the plastic vanes will fall off.  It’s a good idea to grab some extras up front.

Another thing I would pick up is extra strings.  Over time the string will fray and even break.  You can extend the life of the string by applying string wax, so order both of these together.

Finally, it’s a good idea to order a good target if you don’t already have one.  Having a good target will not only increase safety but extend the life of your bolts.  Fortunately none of these items are overly expensive and like I said you don’t need them to get started shooting right away.

Our Overall Pick

Are you looking for an all around crossbow for target practice and hunting?

The Cobra Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol is one of the best mini crossbows on the market.  The body is made from die cast aluminum with solid brass plates and has fiber-graphite limbs.   This allows the bow to be strong and lightweight.

Three aluminum bolts come with this particular bow so you may want to order more.  Bolts are something that you will go through if you shoot a lot so it can’t hurt to have a few extra.  It comes with a sighting, windage, and elevation wheel to fine tune your accuracy.  It also has a mini rail on top that some people have had success in adding a small BB gun scope to but in reality the sight that comes with this crossbow is just fine.

The Cobra is self cocking and has an automatic safety built in to the bow.  Overall the bow is around 20″long x 17″wide x 6″ tall and weighs in at 2lbs.  Out of the box this pistol crossbow can shoot more than 100 yards down range.

The price is reasonable on this bow leaving you extra money for any accessories you might want.  With all of this taken into account, it’s not hard to see why this is my favorite overall mini bows and one of the best on the market today.

Check out the full in depth review here.

Here is a YouTube video showing some of this crossbow’s features and shows it in action.

Order yourself one today!

Our Pick for Hunting

Plan on using your handheld crossbow for hunting small game?  Then we highly recommend that you check out the Avalanche 150 lb Wood Crossbow.

It’s build on an all aluminum frame making it very strong and durable.  The 150lb draw weight delivers bolts at speeds of 210 FPS making it the fastest, most powerful bow we have reviewed.  That rabbit or squirrel won’t know what hit them with speeds like that.

The Avalanche also comes with a mounting rail which makes attaching a scope or red dot scope easy.  This helps with increased accuracy on your hunt.  However if you’re more traditional the adjustable sights that come with the bow will work just fine.

This hand crossbow comes with 2 – 14″ arrows so I’d suggest ordering more.

It’s also one of the bigger pistol crossbows we have reviewed.

Check out our full in depth review for the Avalanche here.