Velocity Badger Recurve Pistol Crossbow Review

When I was looking at the Velocity Badger Recurve Pistol Crossbow on Amazon, I noticed the limbs looked different than the ones that are on Velocity’s website.  So I shot a message off to Velocity Archery to see if in fact this was one of their crossbow pistols or if it was a copy.

The message I got back was that it was in fact theirs and that they had changed the limbs to a newer version.  The new version is the one that is listed on Amazon.  Velocity Archery  has a great website with videos on how to string this bow and how to sight it in as well.  I will be using the specs from their site to round out this review.

  • 80 lb Draw Weight – The standard among the higher end handheld crossbows.  It provides plenty of power but still easy enough to cock into the firing position.
  • Speeds of up to 190 FPS – Can you say fast?  One of the faster mini bows on the market today.
  • Self-cocking – Makes loading this 80 lb beast much easier.
  • Automatic Safety – The safety is automatically engaged when the crossbow is cocked making it much safer.  That’s always a good thing when playing with sharp objects!  The safety is also ambidextrous for my lefty friends out there.
  • Adjustable Sights – The Velocity comes with a front pin sight and a rear adjustable open sight.  Really easy to get this hand crossbow dialed in with these sights.  The rear sight can be removed and a red dot sight or a small BB gun scope could be added.
  • 3 Crossbow Arrows Included – 3 crossbow pistol bolts come with the Badger which is fine for starting out.  But anyone that has shot a mini crossbow for any amount of time will tell you that you are going to want to grab a few more.
  • Compact Size – As are most mini bows that I review.  This one comes in at 20″ long by 16 1/2″ wide and weighs just 1.98 lbs.  Good size for the bug out bag or trunk of your car.

After reviewing dozens of bows, one complaint that always comes up is that mini crossbows are just hard to string.  I see it over and over.  Sometimes it’s just poor technique, lack of strength, or just not having a general idea of the proper way to string these.  These mini bows have to be hard to string or they wouldn’t have any power when you fired them.

The one thing I like about Velocity Archery is that they tackled this problem by giving some great videos for their products.  They show you how to not only string the Badger but also how to assemble the complete bow as well.  And like I said they also have a nice video on adjusting the sights on your crossbow in case you are struggling in that area too.  You can check those videos out here.

The only bad thing I can say about their website is that they are actually about $10 more for this bow there than what you can buy it on Amazon.  That’s why I recommend you buy the Velocity Badger Recurve Pistol Crossbow through the Amazon link below instead.

Overall, I definitely recommend this bow to anyone looking for a new crossbow pistol.  It’s one of the better values out there and you won’t be disappointed.

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