PSE Zombie Defense Pistol Crossbow Review

PSE Zombie Crossbow Pistol

Are you ready for the Zombie apocalypse?  How about a roving zombie hoard at night?   If not, then you might wanna check out the PSE Zombie Defense Pistol Crossbow.  PSE has added several features to this handheld crossbow that are not found on any other bow on the market today.

This truly is a complete package for a hand crossbow.  A red dot sight, front grip, flashlight, lower & upper rails all come standard on this custom painted mini crossbow.  Lets take a look at these features now.​


  • Lower Rail - The first thing that sets this crossbow from the rest of the pack is it comes with a lower rail.  You can add all sorts of accessories to this lower rail.  A knife, flashlight, hand grip, laser, or maybe even a fishing reel could be added to this rail.
  • Upper Rail - Another great place to add accessories to this mini bow is the upper rail.  You could add a scope, red dot site, or laser here.
  • Shoots at speeds of 170 FPS - The undead won't know what hit them with speeds like that.
  • Attached foregrip - With this foregrip you can hold the crossbow much steadier.  This will definitely help with your accuracy.
  • LED Flashlight - Need to clear that building in the dark?  Your all set with the LED flashlight that attaches to the lower rail.  A simple push button turns it on.
  • Red Dot Scope - Installed on the top rail is a red dot sight.  This will help you increase your accuracy and in no time you will be making zombie headshots.
  • Black/Green color - Unlike most crossbow pistols I review, the colors on the PSE Zombie Defense Pistol Crossbow really stand out.
  • 80 lb draw weight - Plenty of power in this small crossbow.
  • Self-Cocking Mechanism - This allows you to cock your crossbow easily without requiring the strength it would normally take to cock an 80 lb crossbow.
  • Ambidextrous automatic safety.  The safety on this bow is automically set when it's cocked into the firing position.  It can be disengaged on either side.
  • 4 Bolts included - The Zombie Defense comes with 4 - 6 1/2" crossbow bolts so you can get into the action right away.
  • Lower Rail Mount
  • Top Rail Mount
  • Foregrip 
  • LED Flashlight
  • Red Dot Scope
  • Self - Cocking with Auto Safety
  • 80 lb Draw Weight
  • Only 4 Crossbow Bolts
  • No Zombies Included

This is probably the funnest handheld crossbow that I have reviewed to date.  Not only that but the PSE Zombie Defense has the most complete package that I've seen so far.  You get a lot of accessories that would normally run you over $50 to buy.  That is if your other crossbow would even hold them all.  Get yours before the zombies get you!

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