Prophecy 80lb Crossbow Pistol with Cobra System Limb with Red Dot Review

Today we are going to look at one of the newer pistol crossbows on the market.  It’s the Prophecy 80lb crossbow pistol with the Cobra Limb System which comes with a Red/Green Dot Scope.  This package also comes with a 12 pack of crossbow bolts.  It’s also available without the red/green dot scope with only 3 arrows.  We will discuss that later in this review.

The Prophecy crossbow pistol is based on the Barnett Commando pistol from the late 80s & 90s.  The Barnett was beloved because of it’s innovative style and the Prophecy certainly strives to live up to those expectations.  Here is a few of the features on the Prophecy and a description of each.

  • Cobra System Limbs – Cobra has been known in the crossbow pistol industry as having  reliable limbs and a great self cocking system.  This makes the Prophecy quick and easy to load with minimal effort by simply pulling the cocking lever down and then back up.  This cocking action also activates the safety which is a nice feature.  Prophecy did a great job of making sure they used a quality platform to build their crossbow pistol on.
  • Red/Green Dot Scope – The Prophecy comes with a 1 x 30mm red/green dot illuminated scope. – Not many pistol crossbows have a scope right out of the package.  This red/green dot scope mounts onto the integrated rail on the main frame with 2 allen headed screws.  The scope has 5 illumination settings for both the red and green dot.  It also has 2 adjustment knobs to help with accuracy.
  • 6 4/5″ Power Stroke – This allows the pistol crossbow to have enough stored energy to fire crossbow bolts well down range while making it quicker to load than a normal crossbow with a longer power stroke.
  • 80 lbs of Draw Weight – This is one the upper end for crossbow pistols which translates into more power.  The self cocking system does a great job of making it easy to load despite the 80 lbs of draw weight.
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Frame – The stock and the rail on the Prophecy is made from CNC machined aluminum making it stronger that the plastic pistol crossbows on the market but still light enough to enjoy carrying and shooting.  The folks at Prophecy gave the handle and fore grip a wood like look for those that like the vintage look.  Also the fore grip on the Prophecy is a bit larger than most crossbow pistols which a lot of people like for greater accuracy.
  • 165 FPS bolt speed – The 80 lbs of draw weight and the 6 4/5″ power stroke combine to provide 165 feet per second speed to your crossbow pistol bolts or arrows.  This is more that enough for target practicing and hunting small game.
  • 12 Crossbow Pistol Bolts Included – The Prophecy comes with a 12 pack of aluminum bolts.  This is more than most other crossbow pistols on the market that only have 3 – 6 bolts in their package.  This means more shooting and less worrying about breaking or losing bolts with this package.
  • Adjustable Rear Sight and Bead Foresight – If for some reason you don’t want to use the red/green dot scope, the Prophecy has manual sights built in from the factory.

All of this makes the Prophecy 80 Pound Aluminum Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow one of the best mini crossbows on the market now.  This Prophecy package is priced around $50 at the time of this review.  That is about $10-$15 higher than some of the other crossbow pistols on the market but you are getting a quality product with a scope and extra bolts so I definitely think it’s worth it.  If you like the Prophecy but don’t feel like you want or need the red dot scope then you can get it here for about $15 cheaper.  Keep in mind that this package only comes with 3 pistol crossbow bolts instead of 12.  For more great reviews check out the review section on this site.


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