Top 5 Pistol Crossbow Modifications

After shooting your mini crossbow for a while you might think of some things you would like to see changed.  Want more power, faster reloads, scopes, grips, or a bayonet?  Yeah me too!  Time for some pistol crossbow modifications.

I've assembled some of the best YouTube videos for making these mods and more for you. There will always be more modifications coming out and I will update this page as I find them.​

#1 - 7 Shot, Red Dot, and a Bayonet?  Hell Yeah!

JoergSprave is the king of slingshots.  He's always making new and crazy slingshots. But watch what happens when he gets his hand on a Cobra 80lb crossbow pistol.  The results are epic.

First he has installed a magazine so he can hold and fire 7 crossbow bolts before needing to reload.  He also adds a red dot sight to this beast which is always nice.

Then he adds a foregrip to make it more accurate and help with cocking the mini crossbow quicker.  But one of the coolest things with his mods is the added knife.

Unfortunately Joerg doesn't go into too much detail on how he added all of these things but it should give you some good ideas.  This definitely looks like a zombie slaying weapon.​

#2 - Turning a Pistol Crossbow into an Assault Rifle.

Kash958 might have too much time on his hands.  In this two part video series he shows how he changed a standard self cocking crossbow into an assault gun.  Very cool ideas with the bipod and rifle stock.  I also like how he has storage up front for extra crossbow bolts.

#3 - Red Dot Sight and a New Grip.

I think one of the best modifications that you can make to a tiny crossbow is to add a foregrip.  It gives you more stability and improves your accuracy.  In this video practical prepper shows you one he has added one along with a red dot sight.  Pretty cool.

#4  - Make your bow easy to disassemble.  

Are you looking for a way to make your crossbow more compact so it will fit in your bug out bag better?  Then check out the mods that BabaGuru made in this video.  The best part is you don't have to unstring you bow for disassembly.

#5 - Power Limb Modification & Customizing the Avalanche 150lb Crossbow

In this video, pintius5 shows a limb modification he made to a standard self cocking crossbow.  The idea is to create a more powerful hand held crossbow by doubling the limbs.  It's a great idea and extra limbs can be bought for around $5.

In the second half of the video he shows some of the modifications he made to an Avalanche 150 lb Wood crossbow.​  I really like the foregrip customization here and I think I'm going to do the same to mine.

Lots of great pistol crossbow modifications here to get your imagination flowing.  Which ones are you going to try and any cool ideas that didn't make the videos?

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