M48 Self-Cocking 80-Lb. Cobra Crossbow Pistol Review

Today we are going to look at the M48 Self-Cocking 80-Lb. Cobra Crossbow Pistol by United Cutlery.  It’s one of the more popular 80 lb mini bows on the market today and for good reason.  Let’s take a look at some of the features below.

  • Self-Cocking mechanism – This allows for an easier draw and quicker reloads.
  • Die cast alloy body – This helps strengthen the body to make it last longer.
  • Graphite limbs – Graphite is stronger than aluminum and steel.
  • Built in safety – Safety automatically engaged when your cock the mini crossbow.  Safety is always good.
  • Pistol crossbow bolts travel at more than 160 FPS – Lots of speed to get it downrange to your target quickly.
  • 80-lb draw weight – Plenty of power for small game hunting and target practice.
  • 3 aluminum crossbow arrows included – I’d recommend buying a few more.
  • Adjustable rear sights and front bead – Helps to increase your accuracy.
  • Includes sight adjustment tool – Basically a free Allen wrench.
  • Weight 2 pounds – Lightweight for easy carrying.
  • Dimensions – 20 x 8 x 2 inches – Small enough to throw behind a seat, in the trunk or in your bug out bag.

The reviews are fairly positive on Amazon and at the time of this writing it rates a 4.2 out of 5 stars.  The few negative comments revolve around four things.

  1.   Poor assembly instructions – Some people felt the manufacture could of created better directions on assembling.
  2.  Crossbow pistols bolts that came with this mini bow broke or lost their vanes – I think part of this could be from not using the proper target.  A good target helps eliminate damage to your pistol crossbow bolts.
  3. Difficult to string on your own – This is a common problem with almost all crossbow pistols.  It’s mainly a two person job.
  4. Bow string frays after several shots – Again I suspect this is due to not keeping the string waxed.  Waxing a pistol crossbow string will make it last longer.

One more note on the reviews.  Several recommended replacing the rear adjustable sites with a weaver picatinny rail like the one below.  This will allow you to add attachments like a red dot sight or a scope if you so choose.  Plus it’s under $10.

Conclusion – The M48 Self-Cocking 80-Lb. Cobra Crossbow Pistol is a great mini bow and one of the better bows on the market today.  It’s fast, decently built, and will provide hours of fun on the target range and in the field.  Not surprisingly it’s a popular bow in it’s price range.  Definitely add one to your arsenal today!  Check out our other crossbow pistol reviews.

M48 Cobra 80-lb Crossbow
List Price: $47.99
Price: $47.99
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