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Welcome to! We have a lot of information on reviews, accessories, hunting/fishing, etc. so we understand it can be a daunting tasks of knowing where to start. Please use the links below to help find your way around to some of the more important articles on this site.

Crossbow Pistol Comparison Guide – A great article showing you the differences in several mini crossbows in regards to materials, draw weight, price and rating.

Safety Tips – These are not toys so check out our tips on this article.

Accessories – A quick link to accessories you might need for you bow including a pistol crossbow bolt comparison guide.

Reviews – A quick link to the reviews categories of crossbow pistols.

Individual In Depth Reviews

Prophecy 80 lb with Cobra System – One our our favorites.

Cobra System Self Cocking 80 lb – Our overall pick.

M48 Self Cocking 80lb – A popular handheld crossbow by United Cutlery.

Avalanche 150lb – Our pick for hunting small game.

Mini 80lb – The cheapest one we have reviewed so far.

80lb Self Cocking with 15 Arrows – Good all around with bonus crossbow pistol bolts.

Hunting with a Mini Crossbow

Rabbit Hunting – Tips on locating, shooting, and preparing this popular small game animal.

Squirrel Hunting – Tips on location, shooting, and preparing this challenging small game animal.


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