Excalibur crossbow vs Tenpoint vs Barnett

Since we last review the best Excalibur crossbows for 2016, a common question that arise is what is the difference between Excalibur and other top end brands such as Tenpoint, Barnett and Horton? Since some of these crossbows are not cheap, it is worth the effort to examine which model is really the best value for your money.

Excalibur crossbow vs Barnett

Barnett has seen lots of negative reviews on crossbow forums and it is mainly due to their lousy customer service and the need for regular maintenance.  If you want horror stories to share in the forums, buy a Barnett! I guarantee you will have your own stories for how the cross bow splits or how nobody returns your call for help on their customer helpline.  Here is a recent one I heard. A man dry fire his Barnett 10 minutes after buying it. It was enough to send the crossbow exploding, with parts flying across the shop floor! LOL.

For Excalibur, you probably do not need to use any of their customer service because their products work and they are super durable. Unless you are going something crazy with them, like dry shooting them continuously, you will not need to carry them back for servicing. In the event that you do, their customer service has always been very good and I have heard nothing that contradict this.

Excalibur crossbow vs Tenpoint

Tenpoint has a much better reception in many forums but there is still a gap between this brand and Excalibur. For one, a Tenpoint crossbow is going to cost you almost double the price for an Excalibur, for any speed range. Of course, you will get better finishing with nice quality materials and a solid frame. However, I personally spending $2000 on a crossbow is nuts, especially when you can get the job done with a Excalibur crossbow.

Second, Excalibur has a more compact frame, especially its new Micro and SMF models. This comes in handy when you head out into the woods for your deer or bear hunting. The less weight you carry, the faster and nimble your hunting becomes.



Across the three brands, I would say Tenpoint has probably the highest quality but it is also the most expensive and is not the most compact crossbow with the introduction of the Excalibur Micros. Barnett is evidently a joke among the crossbow community so leave that option out for sure!

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