Crossbow string silencers: necessary or not?

When using crossbow for hunting, there is one issue that has been discussed quite frequently and that is the use of crossbow string silencers. Hunters who are in favor of this do so because they do not want the sound of the cross bow firing to spook their prey. There is indeed a case for this because some crossbows do give off loud noise when being fired. However, opponents of crossbow string silencers argue that they are not effective and will cause performance loss. So, who is right and who is wrong?


Will string silencers affect FPS of the crossbow?

One of the key concern for many crossbow owners who want to add a string silencer or suppressor is whether it will reduce the speed of the arrow. In other orders, will its affect the crossbow FPS. The answer depends on where the silencers are being applied on. If they are used on the limb or the string, then yes, the silencers will definitely slow down the speed of the arrow.

However, if the crossbow silencers are attached on the riser, then it has no affect on the FPS. This is because the suppressor will stop the movement of the string only AFTER the crossbow has been fired. In such cases, there is zero chance that it can influence how fast the arrow will go.


Benefits of using crossbow string silencers?

Now that we know about the effects of the silencers on the FPS of the crossbow, we need to understand what are the advantages or benefits in using them. One is of course to reduce the sound and not spook the prey. However, most crossbow users agree that the sound reduction is not as much as expected and that prey will not be spook by it anyway.

The true benefit of using these crossbow accessories is that it reduces the vibration of the crossbow and makes them easier to use. In order words, it actually makes them more comfortable to shoot and therefore improves your experience of using them. When you shoot with a crossbow silencer attached, the shot feels clean and solid, since it does not give off a post-shot vibration.


Best crossbow string silencers

Now you understand their benefits, it is time to know which models in the market are the best crossbow string silencers. In this section, I am going to introduce the cheapest as well as the most popular models so that you can have some options in terms which one to purchase.


Bowjax crossbow kit review

bowjax crossbow string silencer reviewThe most economical or cheapest is the Bowjax crossbow kit. It retails for under $20 and is one of the top rated model on Amazon as well.


  • It reduces vibrantion or the feedback to the user
  • It cuts down the noise level
  • It is cheap!
  • Easy  to install.


  • Instructions given were not clear in terms how tight the silencers should be wounded up so it depends on your own judgement
  • Some reviewers complaint it is still loud when being used in the forest


Excalibur crossbow string silencer review

Excalibur crossbow string silencer or suppressor

For fans of Excalibur crossbows then there is no other choice really than their crossbow string suppressor. Somehow, fans of Excalibur tend to really loyal with their products so anything less probably will not do.

Like all Excalibur products, its pricing is high. While the Bowjar kit cost less than $20, this will probably set you back around $40+. However, it is a quality product that accomplishes what it is meant to.

Most reviews agreed that attaching this to their Excalibur crossbows have reduced the sound significantly. More importantly, it also reduces the vibration of the crossbow, which is really the primary benefit of having these crossbow accessories as discussed above.

Installing the silencer is easy. All you need to do is to screw them from the bottom. There is NO NEED to go in from the top and thread it all the way down. That was what  one reviewer thought he had to do and end up wasting 20 minutes of his time. LOL

Do note that this accessory do not fit all models. It will work on most older models but for new ones like the Matrix line, it will not work. Maybe Excalibur should make this clear on their packaging rather than saying it fits all models.



Contrary to popular belief, a crossbow string silencer biggest benefit is to reduce the string vibration and make it more comfortable for you to use the crossbow. It does reduce some noise but it is not going to completely dampen it.

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