Tips For A Crossbow Pistol Target Range

Archery RangeChances are that the majority of the shooting you will be doing with your pistol crossbow will be at targets.  In this article, I want to give you some tips to make your target range more fun to shoot on and also to be more safe.

First, I will give some tips about a general safe layout for your target practicing.  I will then talk about whether or not you should be shooting indoors or outdoors along with tips for both.  Finally, I will talk about some more fun things you can do when you setting up your archery range.

Safe Layout of the Target Range

Safety should always be your first thought when ever you are using a mini crossbow.  The last thing you want is to turn a fun relaxing activity into a tragedy.  Here is a few general tips regardless of where you are shooting.

  • Pick a spot that is nice and level from the spot you will shooting from all the way to the target.  This will give you a clear view of your target.  It also helps with your accuracy.
  • Make sure your shooting lane is free of obstacles, pets, and obviously free of people.
  • If they are spectators watching you, then make sure they are standing behind you and not out to the side.
  • Buy a good target.  Not only does a good target help you save on damaging crossbow bolts, it will help to ensure your arrows don’t pass through and strike something else.
  • Think about buying an archery backstop.  Hang one of these behind your target and they will really help if you happen to miss your target.

Outdoor Range Tips

I highly recommend that all your handheld crossbow shooting be done outside.  It’s just safer.  Here is some tips for that outdoor range.

  • Arrows in TargetAlign your target range so you won’t be shooting into the sun.  Decide whether most of your shooting will be done in the morning or the evening and put your targets so the sun will be at your back while shooting
  • Know what’s behind your target.  This is especially important if shooting in an urban situation. Make sure that if a crossbow pistol bolt gets away from you it won’t end up hitting a neighbor.
  • Let everyone know that you will be shooting.  You don’t want the wife letting the kids or pets out of the house without you knowing.

Indoor Range Tips

If you read above you know that I don’t recommend shooting indoors.  However, if you are going to shoot indoors then I’d like to give you a few tips.

  • Never shoot down hallways.  This seems like the best place to shoot because in a lot of cases it gives you the most room to shoot.  However, the problem is that it is usually open to rooms and other hallways.  Someone or something could walk into your sight path undetected.  Not a good scenario.
  • Try to set up a time to shoot when you are the only one home.  Make sure that loved ones alert you when they return to the house.
  • Choose the garage or basement.  Not only do these places give you the most room to shoot they are also wider open spaces allowing you to see people and pets before they walk into your arrow path.
  • Definitely use a target backstop.  This will help save your walls indoors.

Tips for Having Fun

Ok, I’ve harassed you enough with a ton of safety and general tips.  Hopefully they will help.  But what about the fun tips?  Well, here they are.

  • 3D Deer TargetUse 3D targets.  It’s more fun shooting things that don’t look like a typical target.  You can get 3D targets in all sorts of designs.  Deer, bear, raccoon, dinosaurs, and zombies are just some of the choices.  Get a few different ones.
  • Have several targets setup.  It’s a lot more fun to have several targets spaced out at varying distances.  I personally like to have 3 in my setups.
  • Shoot weird crap.  You don’t always have to shoot the same boring target.  Balloons are great for this.  How about Christmas bulbs set on a golf tee?  Shoot the tops off of water bottles.  There is a ton of different things that you can shoot and still be safe.  I will be making an article just for this but for now just use your imagination.
  • Have a stand or table setup close to your shooting line that holds all your crossbow bolts.  Then practice how fast you can shoot the target with 3 arrows.  Make it a game or a friendly competition with a buddy.  You can have different scoring depending where on the target you hit.

Hopefully you will use some of these tips when you set up your pistol crossbow target range.  They will not only help to ensure safe shooting but you will also have a lot more fun in the process.  Happy shooting!

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