7 Tips To Improve Your Crossbow Pistol Accuracy

Crossbow Pistol Accuracy TipsSo you have picked out a great crossbow pistol but your not as accurate as you would like to be.  What can you do?  Today we will cover some tips that you can implement to increase your accuracy and increase your shooting enjoyment in the process.

  1. Use quality crossbow pistol bolts.  There are a lot of cheap bolts (arrows) on the market especially in the pistol crossbow market.  If you can afford to make your own or have them made it will improve your accuracy.  They will be made with tighter tolerances, cut all to the same length and have better nocks.
  2. Use a rest.  This can be a monopod, bag rest or even a rolled up jacket.  Any of these will help you hold your mini bow steady and make a more accurate shot.
  3. Mark off your distance.  Sometimes you might think you are shooting at 25 yards when you are actually shooting at 20 or 30 yards.  Physically measuring these distances will make sure that you are in fact sighted in at 25 yards.  Also shooting too far will decrease accuracy.  Even though your bow might shoot 50 yards it doesn’t mean that you can consistently hit a small target at that distance.
  4. Maintain your crossbow.  Frequently check your crossbow pistol for worn components including rails and strings.  Also lube your rails and wax your string often.  Tighten any loose bolts and screws.  All of these things can lead to inaccurate shooting even though you might be doing everything else right.  Not to mention this will increase your overall safety and the life of your bow too.
  5. Use an add-on sight.  Almost all bows come with adjustable open sights but several pistol crossbows come equipped with rails so that you can add a site.  Others allow you to add this rail.  If your does, I recommend adding either a red dot sight or a cross-hair scope.  Both will be much more accurate than the open sights that came stock from the factory.
  6. Get to know your trigger.  Every crossbow has a little different trigger.  Get to know just how far yours has to be depressed before it fires the bolt.  If you will be shooting with gloves on then also practice with gloves on as well.
  7. Practice.  This one is pretty obvious but often overlooked.  The more you practice under the same conditions the more accurate you will become.  Find time each day to work in a little practice.  Try to do it at a time when you are alert and not overly tired.

Accuracy will not happen overnight.  But if you implement these tips you will be shooting like Robin Hood in no time.  If you have any great tips for increasing your accuracy then leave them in the comments section below.  Have fun and good luck shooting!

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