Best Excalibur crossbow reviews for 2016

When it comes to crossbows, one of the top end brand is definitely Excalibur crossbows. The cheapest Excalibur crossbow starts off $500 and at the other end of the spectrum, it can be as high as over $1000. In this review, several different models of the Excalibur crossbow will be looked at to see what kind of features they have and are they really worth the high price tag, relative to the cheap ones that are more commonly purchased.


Excalibur Matrix SMF review

Excalibur crossbow matrix smf reviewLet’s start by looking at the cheapest Excalibur crossbow in the market: the Excalibur crossbow matrix SMF.  Its draw weight is around 200 lb and is by far, the most compact among all the Excalibur cross models.  The equipment comes in a box that requires assembly but don’t that frighten you off. Putting it together is easy and all it requires is for you to screw the string to the bow.

Out in the field, this is a great crossbow to use for hunting small and mid size animals. It fits nicely onto your shoulder and allows you to easily take aim and fire. The accuracy is really unbelievable. You really can’t miss if your accuracy is up to the mark. It is THAT good and explains why it costs as much as it is.


Excalibur Matrix 330 review

Excalibur martrix 330 review

The Excalibur 330 works a lot like the SMF review above. It is compact and light to carry. Its exact draw weight is around 220 lb, which is 20 lb more than the SMF.

In terms of accuracy, the 330 is as good as the Smf. Anything within 50 yards is almost a guarantee kill if your shot is good. In fact, the 330 is so good that you can buy this instead of the more expensive 405, 380 or 355. If you are hunting in America, this Excalibur cross bow will be enough to kill almost any wild life that lives within in.

The 330 comes with the Varizone scope which is always a pleasure to use. The scope is able to be magnify so your aim can be greatly improve with its use.

There is only some small minor cons. One is about the fasteners.  Specifically, when you fire non stop for several rounds, the fasteners might be loosened. To remedy this problem, remember to use blue loctite as enforcement when you are putting the cross bow together for the first time.

Another small complaint is there is no automatic safety engagement when you cook the 330. It is not a big deal when you are careful (as you should be!) but for the more careless among us, you might want to take note of this.


Excalibur 330 vs SMF

Before moving on to other more high end models, let’s take a break to see what is the difference between the 2 I have reviewed above as they seems to be rather similar: Excalibur Smf vs 330.

One of the biggest differences is the amount of accessories you get. For your Excalibur 330, it comes with a scope mount, 4 arrow quiver with bracket, rope cocking aid and 4 150 grain arrow. In effect, you are actually getting better value for money with the 330 as the Smf doesn’t include all these accessories which can add up if you know their retail prices.

Another main difference is the kind of game you can hunt for. The Excalibur Smf is great for small to animals up to small bears. If you are hunting larger animals such as moose or large bears, the Excalibur 330 is preferred as it housed more power in its shot.


Excalibur Micro 335 review

Excalibur martrix 335 review

The Excalibur 335 is where we get closer to the $1000 mark for crossbows. This is a heavier and longer crossbow relative to the Matrix 330. Its recurve design is simplicity at its best and is a pleasure to use. The way it can cock and uncock without shooting is also a big plus.

Compared to other brands, the micro 335 is still considered compact and easy to carry through woods or place with lots of trees.

In terms of weakness, there isn’t that many to highlight. In fact, most of the complaints I have seen deal with the accessories rather than the actual crossbow itself.

For example, some have complained that the stock arrow bolts are too long and sticks out of their holder. This might interfere with your movements if you are moving through dense as they might be caught in many things along the way.


Micro 335 vs Matrix 330

Excalibur matric 330 vs micro 335

Now, a commonly asked question is what is the difference between the Micro 335 and the Matrix 330. One obvious difference is the weight and length, which you can compare using the picture on your left. The black model is the 330 while the other is the 335. You can see that the 335 is longer and has a wider bow. It is also heavier by around 0.2-0.3 lb.

Due to the weight difference, it is easier for you to squat and stand with the 330 using only your leg muscles. For the 335, the arms and back comes into play and that might be tiring for some.

Accuracy wise, both are similar within the range of 50 yards and below. However, in terms of prices, the 330 is way cheaper so to me, it is a better buy overall.


Best accessories for Excalibur crossbow

Besides the main crossbow, you can also think about adding some powerful accessories to enhance the functionality of the crossbow. Here are some of the most useful:


Best broadhead for Excalibur crossbow

Depending on which model of Excalibur crossbow you have, the Black Eagle Executioners broadhead will shot great especially if you own a 355 or a 380. Another brand worth noting is the G5s. Both of these can give you great accuracy at the 20-30 yards distance from an Excalibur crossbow.


Best scope for Excalibur crossbow

When it comes to scope, 2 of my top rated cross scopes are Hawhe XB-30 Pro Sr crossbow specific scope and the Zeiss XB-75 if budget is not an issue. However, I know most will not want to pay the kind of prices these 2 models are commanding. A cheaper alternative is the Nikon Bolt. It works well on most Excalibur crossbows and is a light scope that is easy to carry. The only downside is it is non illuminated, it might not work as well. A workaround is to aim for a brighter spot above the target and drag the aim back to the animal. That will brighten the target pretty well.


Best case for Excalibur crossbow

For getting a case to carry the crossbow around, there are 2 primary options: soft or hard case. For hard case, the Plano Bow Max is a good size to contain the crossbow without being too big.  For soft case, the Tarantula softcase makes for a pretty good carrier. It can house the crossbow comfortably with enough room for arrows and other accessories although the arrow holder will not fit in well.


Best string for Excalibur crossbow

For this, I would recommending buy its own string, which is the Fast Flight Flemish String. It will literally make your arrow fly faster so use this if you are a confident crossbow user. If not, stick to what came along with the original crossbow and you will do fine.



If you want the best Excalibur crossbow for 2016, either one of the three will be a great choice due to their lower price point but solid performance. I didn’t put in reviews for the 405, 380 or the 355 as I felt they were too expensive and offer little to justify the additional price. In additional, the 405, 380 and 355 of these are pretty heavy and the recoil effect is stronger. For hobby hunting, I would go with one of the above three instead.

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