Best deer cart money can buy

Hunting is a great outdoor activity as long as you are following the rules and making sure that you have taken all the safety precautions. Most hunters consider a deer as a part of a good game, and being able to take a shot at a stag is a once-in-a-while opportunity.

Now, what do you do when you have managed to track down your prey using the best blood tracking light and bagging such a great game? It’s not going to be easy to carry a big deer to your car, and neither can you leave it there in the forest. This is where a deer cart comes into play. This cart has been specially designed for hunters to carry their game to their car. It makes the process efficient and faster.


Where to buy

Deer carts are available in many stores that sell outdoor activity items. There are also many different brands that you can buy. One of the best places to evaluate and purchase a deer cart is online. You will find loads of reviews on the different types of carts available, and you will find a wide variety of deer carts as well.

Buying online also saves you from the hassle of visiting an outlet, looking for a cart, checking out its features, and carrying it all the way to your home. An online purchase will directly arrive at your doorstep in a short period. One of the best places to buy a deer cart online is Amazon. There are many products available which you can choose from, and you get to read the reviews as well.


Deer Cart Buying Guide

You may feel that looking for a deer cart is a daunting task, but it’s not. There are only a few simple factors that you need to take into account before choosing a cart. These factors will make sure that the cart purchased is reliable and will last you for a long time. Some of the factors that you need to look for are as follows. Evaluating various products with the help of these will make your decision process a lot easier.



Always check the frame of the deer cart. It needs to be made from a material that is durable and reliable. It must be the sort that does not bend from too much weight. One of the best materials that can be used in such a case is solid steel.



The balance of the deer cart needs to be correct. One of the best ways of checking the balance of any object is by checking out its center of gravity. If it has been correctly identified, the balance will be perfect as well. It will also ensure the stability of the cart. If it is not accurate, then it will be harder to move the cart, and you will have difficulty in handling it.


Weight capacity

A deer may weigh an average amount, but if you manage to kill a stag, then be ready to haul in a lot of weight. An average stag can weigh about 60 to 200 kg (depending on the type of deer that you are hunting) and if you manage to get the alpha stag, then the chances are that it will weigh more. Hence, make sure that the cart you get can carry that much weight.


Ability to fold

When you are packing for hunting, you need to make sure that you have enough space in your car to move your game as well. A deer cart can take up a lot of space due to its design, so make sure you choose one that folds easily. That way you will be saving up on a lot of space. You will also be able to carry the cart to the deer much more quickly.


Types of deer carts

There are many different types of deer carts available on the market. Each comes with its own pros and cons and is preferred by different hunters for different reasons. Some of the most popular types of deer carts are:

  • Folding deer cart – this deer cart will take less space and fold quickly from the middle.
  • Electric deer cart – you will need to charge the cart, but there will be no need to push it.
  • Self propelled deer cart – you will not need to pull the cart; simply walk along with it to and from the hunting site.
  • Batterypowered deer cart – it will be operational with the help of batteries, and you will not need to push it.
  • Motorized deer cart – there is a small motor attached to it, which will allow the cart to move on its own.


Top 5 deer cart reviews

Now that you know the factors that you need to consider and the types of deer carts available, you need to know the best deer cart available on the market.


Kill Shot Heavy Duty Big Game Deer Hauler Cart 750lb Capacity

killl shot heavy duty deer cart reviewIt would be safe to say that this is the best folding deer cart that you will find on the market.

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It can carry a significant amount of weight i.e. up to 750 pounds. The cart itself is quite heavy-duty; it has a solid steel frame as well as a steel axle. The tires are made of solid rubber, which makes sure that they are steady and perform amazingly well. Their dimensions are 20 inches by 1.75 inches. The rims and spokes of the tires are also made with steel. The best part about owning this deer cart is that you will not have to carry the game yourself, as only some pushing will be required.

The assembly of the cart is very easy. It is a quick wire-spring assembly, which does not need the assistance of any tools. The cart is foldable, which will save you a ton of storage space. The finish of the cart is dark brown, which adds to its looks.

What we like

  • The weight capacity of the cart allows hunters to carry bear or elk on it as well.
  • The tires of the cart are quite tough and will not be able to press under pressure. They also add stability to the cart.
  • It only requires a quick wire-spring assembly without the use of any tool.

What we don’t like

  • It does not come with a pad, so you will need to add that on your own if you want.
  • The price of the cart is quite high.


Goplus New Deer Cart Review

goplus deer cart reviewThe weight carrying capacity of this cart is a bit less than the one mentioned above, but that’s okay as it will still be able to carry 500 pounds, which is good enough to hold a large deer.

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The wheels of the cart have a diameter of 17 inches, which makes sure that the car is stable and well balanced. The tires are made from excellent quality rubber and they are 37 mm thick. This means that they will be able to grip the surface with more accuracy.

You will get an instruction manual with the cart, which will allow you to understand its usage and simply assembly. You will be able to fold the cart as well, though it will still take up a bit more space than you may think.

What we like

  • It will comfortably fit anyone’s budget.
  • The rubber tires are quite thick, which add to the cart’s stability.
  • The balance is right.
  • It has a handle bar that is in perfect position to keep the wrists straight.

What we don’t like

  • The tires of the cart may stink in the beginning.
  • It will take a little more space even when it has been folded.


Best Choice Products Deer Game Hauler Review

best choice products deer cart reviewOne great thing about this cart is that the handle that you will push the cart from is made at an angle, which will allow you to keep your wrists straight. This will make it easier for you to push the cart and ensure that you do not put too much strain on your hands.

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The entire product is made from, steel including the frame and the axle which makes the product durable, sturdy, and easy to move. You can move about 500 pounds of weight with this cart, which is good enough.

The tires are made from solid rubber that will never get a flat and will be able to grip the surface of a forest firmly. The cart can be easily folded, and you can even remove the wheels to make it more compact. You will get two buckle straps with it so that you can strap your game when transporting. This will make sure that it stays in place and you don’t need to adjust it constantly.

What we like

  • The build and design of the cart is great and functional.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It has a steel construction.
  • The wheels are removable which means you get to pack it in a compact manner.
  • It does not weigh too much which makes transporting it easier.

What we don’t like

  • The assembly might be a bit tricky and can take some time.


Guide Gear Deer Cart Review

Guide Gear Deer Cart ReviewThe weight capacity of the cart is not as impressive as the others mentioned as it can only haul 250 pounds of weight. On the other hand, the entire frame of the cart is made up of solid steel, which adds to the durability of the cart and makes sure that it lasts for a longer period.

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The diameter of the wheels is 15 inches, which is great as it ensures the right balance. The tires are made from an excellent rubber material which can easily withstand various types of surfaces and ensure proper delivery.

What we like

  • It has a low price.
  • The tires are textured, which provide a better and firmer grip on the ground.
  • The frame of the cart is very strong.
  • The cart is balanced perfectly, which will allow a stable transport.

What we don’t like

  • It is not much to look at.
  • There is no slant handle for pushing; it is straight up, which we feel may cause a little pain after some time.


Hawk Treestands Crawler Deer Cart Review

hawk treestands deer cartThis product is relatively new in the market and looks a lot different from the ones mentioned before. The design is high tech as it comes with four wheels which are all relatively large. The frame of the cart is made from steel, which makes it very durable and long lasting.

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The cart comes with dual rotating axles that allow the product to ride over various objects with ease and without many bumps. You will not get stuck anywhere with this cart, and the entire process becomes easier. The tires ensure that the balance is perfect and the weight is properly managed. The cart can fold as well which can be stored and easily transported.

What we like

  • The unique design of the cart,
  • It comes with four wheels and dual rotating axels.
  • It can quickly move over various objects.
  • It comes with a textile sling which allows you to carry different stuff as well.

What we don’t like

  • The price of the product is quite high.


The most widely used deer cart is the foldable one as it is easy to use and transport. Storage space is one thing that you need to make sure you have enough of, as you will need to keep your game in the car too. Other types of deer carts will take up too much space. The deer cart is not only handy for carrying your game to and from the site, but it will also come in handy if you need to transport other hunting or camping material.

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