Best bow mounted camera for hunting

Due to the availability of cheap cameras and online sites like Youtube, more hunters are capturing their hunts on video so as to savor their big kills. Unfortunately, bow mounted camera in the past tend to be a poor bow accessory.  They tend to jump too much when the bow is fired and their weight also impacts your normal shooting style. The good news is that the next generation camera are much better at shock absorption. They will be able to capture your hunting video without too much shaking.


Campark Bow Mounted Camera review

campark hunting camera reviewThe Campark camera is a popular choice among folks who like to record their hunting game. Its outstanding feature is of course the quality of the video, given how cheap this camera is. Audio is also high quality. You don’t get the muffled sound that are offered by most cheap action camera. Instead, you can clean and crisp audio recording that captures the mood of the hunt perfectly.

One well thought out feature of the Campark camera is its silent recording function. With just one click, you can activate the camera. Once on, it will vibrate instead of buzz which means  your prey will not be scare away. For your info, most older cameras do not possess this function.

When it comes to changing the setting, it is pretty straight forward. You can need to first inset a micro SD card into the camera, which will then generate a text file. This file contains the defaults settings. To change them, simply insert the card into your computer and adjust according before inserting it back to the camera.

Below are some things that I think are nice touches to an already impressive product

  • Ability to adjust the date and time of the video. This is something that should be available in every camera. Surprisingly, few models offered this choice. For the life of me, I can’t understand why. The timing of the kill is extremely important as the whole purpose of the video was to record the moment. Without it, we have no way to change it in case the default date and timing is wrong.
  • Automatic cutting of videos: Amazingly, the device is able to cut the video in byte sized 1 minute video, even if you have set it to record non stop. This fits wells into the current byte sized videos that we are used to watching on Youtube. If you want a longer non stop recording, you have to adjust the setting by going back into the text file.
  • Solid quality material: I wouldn’t feel like it will break if it accidentally falls to the ground during the hunt.
  • Battery life is good as it lasts about 80 minutes when used in outdoors

For such a quality product that is so cheap, it is hard to nitpick. However, if forced to list down the things I think can be improved, below is what the list:

  • Can only accept 32 Gb SD card instead of 64 Gb as stated on the manual
  • Night videos can be grainy under the default settings. However, if you bother to change the settings before the recording, it can be better

Overall, the Campark hunting camera is just a great product that is value for money. Recommended!


Bow mount for GoPro and iPhone cameras

Another option to mount a camera on your hunting bow is to use existing camera systems such as a Gopro, rather than a specialised camera like the Campark. All you need is to purchase a mount that can be used in conjection with your Gopro version and you will be great to go.

Sportsman mounting fixing clips reviewIn terms of models, I recommend the Glift’s Sportmans mounting clip. It holds the camera very well even when mounted on a crossbow. One cool feature is that the screws are mounted on the mounting bracket itself so you will not lose them. I found this to be incredibly useful as I tend to lose these kind of small accessories without even knowing ti until they were gone for a period of time.

The design of the mount also makes it easy to turn to different angles and directions. This will allow you to play around with it until you find one position that yields the best shot for your videos.

The best thing is you can actually mount 2 cameras on it so that they can capture both front and back views.

If you have a compound bow, the best position to place it is on the stabilizer. The mounts fits into that position perfectly without interfering too much with your normal shooting. For those with recursive bows, try fitting this to the take down screws. That is the best position from what I have tested so far.

Do note however that this does not fit into a crossbow pistol nor a shotgun.



I hope I have given you ideas on what are the best options when it comes to bow mounted cameras. For a one piece equipment, the Campark model is great. If you already have existing GoPro cameras, then buying the mount will be sufficient.

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