Best bow for tall guys shooters

Whether you are just starting to get into archery or looking to upgrade for the approaching season, you want to carefully consider the options to guarantee buying a bow that provides the perfect fit. Deciding on the right type and size of bow is quite personal, and the preferred equipment will greatly depend on the intended use.


Our Best Bow for Tall Shooters

With such varied types and makes of bows it can be difficult to determine the proper set up for the individual person. For this reason it makes sense to carefully measure the right draw weight and length. With this information to hand it is that much easier to shortlist the most promising bows that fit perfectly and right for the taller person. Here are a few of our recommendations of the best bow for tall shooters.


bear-attitude-compound-bow-review Bear Attitude Compound Bow

The Attitude Compound Bow is presented with a wide range of qualities.

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It is not only easy to use and adjust, but also comes with a nice arrow rest and stabilizer and black light illumination. With its draw length at 32 inches, this bow is a practical choice for taller people out there – though there is also the option to shorten the draw length. Any adjustments to the set up are quick and easy by making use of the packaged Allen wrench. Its sight is great and when in use the draw cycle is smooth and nice and makes minimal vibration or noise when taking a shot.

A great quality with the Bear Archery Attitude bow is the ability to get going right out of the box. For the first timers that are just starting out with this activity, this is a great starter bow and comes at a very reasonable price.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable and solid built
  • Very accurate when setup
  • Feather light at 3.7 pounds
  • Virtually vibration free at release

Even though this bow is great for the first timer, it is an adult bow. The draw weight is only designed to adjust by 10 pounds, so for the young shooter this might not be the most practical choice.


  • Does not have the latest archery technology

The Bear Archery Attitude does most things well, but is an entry level bow and may not meet the requirements of the shooters in search of a lightweight and short hunting bow. For further reference, read our article on Bear attitude vs authority compound bow.


Samick Journey 64″ Takedown Bow Review

samick-journey-bow-reviewThe Samick Journey 64″ Takedown Bow is one of the latest additions to the series of Samick adult archery products.

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The limbs on this bow are slightly longer on this unit compared to the Sage which gives the ability to offer 64 inch recurve. For the taller shooter – at 6′ 2″ or so – this bow is certain to fit perfectly and gives a nice 30.5 inch draw. It is solidly built with limbs manufactured in hard maple with black fiberglass and finished with a texture grip for easier handling. Plus, this Samick Journey has other qualities like an elevated rest, sight mounts and stabilizer/reel.


  • Fits perfectly for tall shooter
  • Smooth and accurate pull
  • Beautiful design
  • Single tapered knob
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Lightweight

The Journey is a nice and attractive bow that is built with beginners in mind and is very effective for that practical purpose. Even for those just starting out with a poor technique or stance, this bow can be very forgiving and made to be easy to hold.


  • Lacks bow stringer
  • Ships with standard B50 string

The limb tips on this bow are strong and reinforced and easy able to accept FastFlight strings or others to match the personal preference.


Fiberglass Recurve Bow 40~50 Lb Draw Weight Review

firberglass-recurve-bow-reviewThe Fiberglass Recurve Bow by Mongolian Bows has a 40~50 Lb Draw Weight and is very easy to use for the taller shooter (total draw length is up to 32 inches). It is easy to draw with a smooth shooting action and the vibration is very low. This recurve bow has a solid and attractive build with a single piece of fiberglass covered by pig skin leather.


  • Easy to use and draw
  • Smooth shooting action
  • Very low vibration
  • Variable draw weight
  • Attractive build

The variable draw weight can be set to three settings: 40 pounds, 45 pounds, or 50 pounds to give the more versatile use. Also, for those that are just starting out it will be possible to start at the lower setting and adjust as you start to become more experienced.


Bow sizing guide

If an archer chooses a bow that isn’t quite the right fit, such as one that is too short or too long, you aren’t as likely to be able to shot the accurate arrow – or even get as much enjoyment out of this activity.

Here are a few points to consider in the process of bow sizing:


Draw length

Any archer that puts in the time to get the proper measurements for their bow such as the draw length will shoot in the most accurate and comfortable position. A draw that isn’t at the desired length can lead to a shortened power stroke which means less energy and speed, and your eye peep may not be in the desired position.

Alternatively, with the draw length that is too long, the release hand isn’t likely to be positioned in the desired place (firmly against your cheek), and your arm may hyperextend and lead to a lack of control.

A simple technique to measure the draw length is to stand in an upright position and place the arms stretching out each side (hold a natural position, and don’t hyperextend), and have someone measure the distance of your arm span. Make sure to measure in inches from fingertip to fingertip. Once this measurement is known divide the sum by 2.5. This figure should give a great idea of the most favorable bow draw length.

There are certain bows like the compound models that are adjustable by rotating or changing a module that is attached to the cam. But, for the first time archer, it is usually practiced to stick with the right draw length to avoid issues with reduced accuracy or instability.

Also, there can be some variation in the draw length. For instance, the shorter person may require the shorter draw length, while the taller person may need more. But, by measuring the arm span this gives a great point of reference to gauge the bow size to fit you properly.


Draw weight

A proper draw weight makes it possible to pull the arrow back in a controlled, smooth manner in all types of conditions. A variety of issues can impact the draw weight. For instance, for the archers in a cold environment, the cold muscles can mean the draw weight is less than normal by an estimated 10-15 pounds (compared to a warm day or indoors).

The maximum poundage on plenty of archery bows is adjustable within a region of 10-15 pounds. For instance, a 60 pound bow can adjust down to 50 pounds, while a 70 pound bow has the potential to adjust to 60/55 pounds.

A comfortable maximum bow weight is in the region of 30 to 45 pounds for most women, 40 to 50 pounds for women with above average strength, 50 to 60 pounds for most men, and 60 to 70 pounds for muscular men.

If in doubt about the proper draw weight it can benefit to go with low poundage which still has the potential to give adequate power for archery activities and makes it easier to stay in control.

For the complete first timer to archery it is possible to see an increase in the usable poundage with a short period of starting out. Many new archers have the potential to up the poundage limit by nearly 10 pounds within the first few weeks of daily practice.



Adjustability is a great quality of a bow. For the shooters that are just starting out, there are plenty of bows that are quite flexible in relation in the bow weight. Most of the adult bow permits changes in the region of 50 to 70-lbs or 60 to 70-lbs., but for the complete beginner, a bow that gives a more sizable draw weight adjustability option is practical. This means this archer is able to grow into the bow and increase the setting with increased experience and strength. Also, there is the option to adjust the draw length, which is an appealing feature for the youths who are still growing and can make gradual changes over time.


Bow weight

In general, the heavy bow is easier to hold in a steady position, but is the quickest to cause fatigue. However, the lightweight bow is easier to carry and transport, but will take more practice to learn to shoot accurately. A standard bow without accessories is in the region of 4 to 4.25 lbs.


By learning and understanding the features of the bow and its measurements it is possible to apply this information to your specific needs to ensure the right bow is selected for the preferred type of activity.


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