Best blood tracking light in 2016 – Reviews, Guide and other useful stuff

You know how it is with deer hunting. You always want that perfect shot that results in instant kills but that doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, it is more likely to find that the deer has escaped and leave some blood trails. However, the trail can sometimes can disappear which leaves us hanging with no deer to show for it. So, how to solve this problem? This is where blood tracking lights come in.

In this article, you will learn about the different types of blood trail lights, what are their pros and cons and alternatives to them.


Best blood tracking light for the money: Primos bloodhunter hd review

Primos bloodhunter hd reviewIf you are busy and wants to slip the rest of the guide, just get this.

The Primos bloodhunter hd work beautifully and the reason is that it uses a combination of green and red light to make the blood trails jump out, especially when it is dark. When you shine this thing on the ground, everything turns to some sort of greyish black while the Primos bloodhunter hd exampleblood remains red. It becomes very easy to spot a blood trail even in low light settings. You will see the effect on the image to your right.

The flashlight also comes with a strong velcro attachment that makes it easy for you to hang it around your belt. This way, taking it out is easy during your deer hunting trips.

However, not everything is perfect. Besides blood, anything that is red shows up pretty bright as well. If you are hunting in Autumn where there is a lot of red leaves on the ground, you will get a lot of false blood trail alerts.

It is also on the heavier side when compared against say Gerber’s myth blood tracker.

Its nearest competitor in terms of quality is Xenopus’s blood tracker but that will cost you $260. So, if I balance everything out in terms of effectiveness and price, I would say this is the best blood trailer light for the money.

Protip: Make sure it is the HD version as Primos have different flashlight models and all of them don’t work for blood tracking except this. If you read somewhere that a Primos is useless, it is probably the wrong model.


How do blood tracking light work and why do you need it

The blood tracking light works basically in the same way that flashlight works i.e. you shine them on the blood trail that you want to spot. The difference lies in the kind of lights used within the torches and how they are arrange. How these 2 factors combine will determine their effectiveness at blood trail tracking.

Using these will make it easier to follow or spot blood trails during your deer hunting trips. You can of course always do without them but it depends on the light settings that you are operating in. In dim lighting or total darkness, this is a god send and should be a part of any hunter’s gear list.


Factors to consider

The effectiveness of blood trailer lights comes down to the type of light bulbs being used so these should be your primary consideration factors before including the less important ones.

  • Brightness: You want something that has 900 lumens so that it has enough power to illuminate a wider area.
  • Color temperature: 4000-4500 kelvin range will give a nice natural white color that can be used in combination with either red or green.
  • Types of color: You will want a flashlight that has more than one color to make the contrast works. Most will use red.
  • Battery life: Look for something that can last more than one hour or buy extra batteries.
  • Weight: Will it be too tiring for your hands if you carry for too long?
  • Attachments: Can it be hang so that it is more convenient to retrieve.


Blood trail light brands – Who makes the best lights for deer hunting?

There are a few brands in the marketplace that really stands out, even among the deer hunting community. This guide has selected the best to be featured so that you can include them in your purchase consideration.


Xenopus electronix

XeLogoXenopus electronix is a company speciliazing mostly in CSI tools. It has changed it name to Crime Scene Tools to reflect that focus. They are a big supporter of made in America movement which should delight some of you.

One of their products i.e. the blood light fortunately is a great product for deer blood detection as well.


Primos Hunting

_logo_primos-huntingPrimos Hunting is a premiere store offering quality hunting equipment and accessories since 1976.   It started with selling mouth calls, which became the product it was famous for. However, its current range of hunting items is staggering with many of them receiving good feedback and ratings from customers who clearly loves this brand.

Their model for blood detection light is the Primos bloodhunter hd.


Gerber gear

logoGerber Gear is a manufacturer of outdoor products, among which torchlight is one of the items for sale.  They have a long history, starting in 1939 and have established themselves as a trusted brand. Its products are typically engineered in America, although they are manufactured anywhere in the world.

Their model for blood detection is the Gerber Myth Blood Tracker


Blood detection light reviews

In this section of the guide, you will learn specific recommendations of each of the trusted brands that was featured above. We believe these are the best blood trail lights that money can buy.


Xenopus Electronix

Xenopus electronix flashlight reviewThe xenopus electronix blood  light was actually designed to be used for criminal investigation so you know it is serious stuff. Within the torchlight, there are 40 light bulbs, 20 within the center to give out the white light while another 20 covers the perimeter and shines red light. You can of course control the light via 4 settings on the body. For blood tracking, you will want to use the red and white color setting as this combination is where the magic happens.

The principle behind why it works is because any red object under the shine of a white and red light will sort of reflect it back to you. In other words, you literally will see red objects ‘blinking’ at you when you shine this torch on them. As you can imagine, this makes spotting deer blood a much easier task. Why do you think the CSI uses such a device in their work?

Unfortunately, it is not cheap product as it is priced well above the $200 mark. Still, you can getting one of the best blood tracking light for the money. Beats having to keep on buying torches that do not work and throwing out your money.


Gerber Myth Blood Tracker reviews

gerber myth blood tracker review

The Gerber myth blood tracker is one of the lowest priced specialized flashlight for hunting purposes. There is 40 leds contained within the head of the light and there are 2 models to choose.

There is currently mixed reviews for this. In total darkness, the torch doesn’t work so well as everything shows up as black, regardless of the mode that was being used. In settings with some dim light, the blood trail settings works ok.

When comparing Gerber blood tracker vs Primos, it is clear the latter stands out more due to the red and green light combination that was mentioned above.


Alternatives to blood tracking lights

Coleman Lantern for blood tracking

Coleman Lantern for blood trackingIf you are familar with the deer hunting forums, you will see that one of the favorite blood tracking light is actually the Coleman Lantern, that runs on gas rather than propane.  Compared to torchlight, it gives off a stronger white light that makes the blood trail stands out.

If you want a more focus beams, simply DIY and add a shield around the lantern so that you can direct the light to specific places you want to search.  A common way to do that is using tin foil. Just use it to seal half of the Coleman lantern like the picture on your right and you are good to go.


Surefire GX 2 review

gerber myth blood tracker reviewAnother setup that is favoured by some hunters is the use of super bright flashlight that lights up the whole area and let your natural eyes do the work. Among the models, the Surefire GX2 is the one that has been recommended by most. There is a few different GX2s available but the one you want to get is the dual output model. When you turn this baby on, the world in front of you literally lights up!

Best of all, its pricing is probably the cheapest among all LED flashlights with such a powerful lighting set up. It is also designed to be used for tactical purposes so it can handle rough usage in tough environments. Perfect for deer hunting.


Why not use a blood tracking dog?

Rather than lights, some experienced hunters prefer the use of dogs, especially the likes of Labradors. They can be trained using deer blood to recognize blood trail without the use of lights. Personally, I feel this is a good method but unfortunately, there are some state laws that prohibit such activities. In these cases, you have no choice but to revert to block detection lights to help you spot the deer blood trails.



The subject of blood tracking has been a fertile ground for debate among the deer hunting community as different folks have different strokes. Some claimed that using the Coleman lantern is sufficient while others woud recommend a particular brand like Primos for its blood tracker. I hope this guide has given sufficient information to decide which is the best method for you.

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