Best blood trail broadheads

Having the best broad heads for hunting can be defined by how fit and deep the arrow head can cut into the prey to cause the massive blood flow. It can make tracking your prey much easier especially if you use a blood tracking light as well.

Broad heads are generally divided into the mechanical blades and fixed blades. You can also find the hybrid models combining features of both mechanical and fixed blades.

Before buying them, you should consider how to choose the high-quality broad heads. We have gathered top product reviews to consider in buying newest broadheads in the market today. You can check it below.

For hunting, there are many arguments on which type of broadhead is better to use. Some hunters choose mechanical blades while others decide fixed blade. No matter what your choice is, in the final, the results depend on your experience and preference.

The mechanical blade has the shorter history than the fixed design. Maybe that is why many hunters and archers prefer the second type. It has incredible durability and is able to cut through the solid bones of animals and prevent the prey from running away. Thus, that decrease the blood loss, which is the possibility the mechanical blades are difficult to do. However, if you still want to use this blade, you can create the larger internal wound of the prey to avoid loosing the blood too much.

Below is the broadheads causing more blood to be spilled so you can track easily.

Top Broadhead Reviews

Rage Hypodermic Standard Broadhead, 100-Grain Review

rage hypodermic broadhead reviewIn the situation when a shot can count for all things, you can choose the Rage Hypodermic Standard Broadhead 100-grain 2-blade arrowheads. This model is made of the top grade stainless steel. Moreover, the producing method offers the consistency and quality with all shots, while the rough steel construction supports the performance and durability.

  • The Rage Hypodermic carries the proprietary shock collar machinery to the table so there isn’t any problem of the blade retention. Also, you can use those arrowheads for years.
  • The stainless steel arrowheads include the cutting diameter from 1.5 to 2 inches and the thick blade at the standard measurement of 0.035 inch. The models are often recommended because of the impressive wound channels and surgical accuracy.
  • The arrows also feature the rear-blade deployment and one-piece ferrule.
  • The aerodynamic and compact construct allow hunters to gain the better penetration than typical Rage broadheads. The modern design includes the chisel tip power and accurate shot of the leading-edge blade.
  • The heads are razor-sharp and weigh 3.2 ounces. Every head dimension measures the length of 2 inches, the width of 2.5 inches, and the height of 2 inches.
  • The kit has an additional practice head to make sure the aim is near enough on the target.
  • The arrows fly through the air as a field arrow and the angle blade spring outer in the leading impact. They cut deep into the prey’s body after powering through the tissue and penetrating the hide. This arrow deploys the sweptback unique blade increasing the penetration and keeping the bolt fixed in place after access. It flies quickly through their air with the devastating force and staggering accuracy.
  • Every pack includes three arrowheads. The arrow supports the confident hit more than 100 yards out. If you’re in a large game, like hunting deer and mule, it doesn’t make it over 100 yards away before the animal bleeding out. It supports the most effective performance in smaller games, like hunting wild turkeys.
  • The silver tips are incredibly sharp and possible to be tucked into the gear box. The design supports great benefits for both amateurs and experienced hunters. You can also easily sharpen it again if necessary.

It’s a great idea to send these arrowheads as the holiday gift for anyone enjoying bow fishing, archery, or hunting.

Also, if you intend to start a large hunting game and use a high-poundage and modern bow, these blades are ideal equipment.

If you have experienced in hunting deer with bows, you can define the immense value of the sophisticated broadheads. This equipment is useful support for any archer or hunter in their arsenal.


3-Pack Crossbow Spitfire Maxx Review

splitfire maxx broadhead reviewThe Spitfire Maxx is one of the most popular of New Archery and includes a triple blade using motorized broad heads. It’s upgraded from the traditional spitfire version and so you can see some new changes and more benefits of the Spitfire Maxx more than other previous designs. The cutting diameter standard is larger of 1 ¾ inch than the old ones. It also has a new feature known as the cut-on-contact broad head instead of the typical trocar shape. Moreover, you can easily replace the old blades if necessary.

These broadheads include reliable heads and can offer large wound channels. One of the main features is no rubber bands or o-rings so it supports your confidence and shot skills at the time.

Whether you shot the large prey or small one, the results are the same and you’re easy to follow the short blood trails.

Here are pros and cons of the Spitfire Maxx broadheads


  • No o-rings or rubber bands
  • Large cutting surface and cutting diameter
  • Move through the air quickly like a field point.


  • The top blade deployment has so much energy
  • The small entry holes
  • If the prey is staying at a corner to the shooter, the lead deploying misdirect upon entrance.


Grave Digger Broadhead Review

grave digger broadhead reviewThe Grave digger broadhead has the reliable fixed blade and offers the massive wound channel of the expandable incorporating both blade types into the super strong ferrule.

  • The hybrid head is the true sense. The cross opening blade greatly decreases the power required to open blades that are compared to the typical leading mechanical blades on the market.
  • With the exclusive fixed blade, you can shot this broadhead simply by fixing the set screws on the kickout blade.
  • Sharpening the mechanical blades to the point allows them to go through the hide and deploy the inside without removing the kinetic energy which is lost within other mechanical broadheads.
  • Because of the patented blade-retention construction, the blades can stay closer in flight but open on entrance – every time. The product is a perfect option without failing for all bowhunters.
  • The Grave Digger also offers a fixed blade with the full lethal and capable lethal broadhead. The two crossing opening design creates an extra cutting area.
  • The broadhead includes the exclusive cross-opening blade that isn’t only reliable rather than the typical over-the-top mechanical blades, it also uses less power to deploy. That means the easier tracking, better penetration, and more pass-through. This crossing-opening model also lessens the feared kick out event linked with some mechanical constructions on the steep-angled shot.
  • Another special feature of this Grave Digger broadhead is to adjust the deployment tension design that works ideally for too heavy or too light bows and also crossbows. Moreover, because there are no clips, o-rings, or rubber bands, it can remove another point of failed seen in the other mechanical broadhead.
  • The grave digger design is ready to use in whether a cut-on-contact design of 2 to 1 angle or a trocar chisel tip. Both types are operated with the entire metal ferrule in 100 to 125 grains.

You will find many tough choices without needing to worry about the types of broadheads to shoot. The Grave Digger broadheads has the best of both  mechanical fans and fixed blade.

The highlights of Grave Digger Broadheads

  • The combination of the full-size mechanical and fixed blade heads
  • The chisel point
  • The accurate field points
  • Dependable and tough
  • No rubber bands, o-rings, or clips
  • Flexible pressure for the low poundage bow
  • Offering the perfect performance for both high-speed crossbows and bows


These broadhead products we have described above are the best blood trail arrows in the market today. While you can see many models of different brands , we recommend the high-quality arrows and provide their detailed information so that you know which one fits your needs. After all, the most important thing is choosing arrows you intend to shoot on the next hunting game. No matter what broadhead you choose, make sure that you gain enough useful information and features before paying.

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