Bear attitude vs authority compound bow

Compound bows and crossbows are very helpful tools for hunting, but when you’re turning from mini crossbows to compound bows, there are problems to deal with before using them. We will show you two most popular models from the bear brand compound bows so you can understand their advantage and disadvantage before making a purchase.

The compound bow is the combination for the modern and traditional and has been modified and developed by advanced manufacturing and design principles to become a modern weapon. Differing from the traditional bow, the compound type generally increases the power, speed, and ease of use for archers and hunters. Thus, you can get much higher success chance than other kinds of bow. However, you need to master slightly different shooting technique and skill from the traditional bow hunting.

The compound bow includes varieties of features, and it may be daunting for new hunters or archers. In this article, we hope you can understand the bear attitude vs. authority compound bows to choose the best one for your needs.


Bear Attitude vs. Authority Compound Bow

The bear attitude compound bow

bear-attitude-compound-bow-reviewThe bear attitude compound bow is a shorter type of bow for archers who want to hunt from a ground blind or tree stand. It’s light and short enough to be easily carry around, but it’s not good at target shooting. The moderate cam offers a smooth draw cycle and helps you to easily tune the bow. Moreover, the long brace height provides a forgiving bow to fire. Finally, you can find multiple options of draw weights and lengths to fit any stature.


The eccentric system & shooting speed

The single cam helps you easy to tune the bow and the moderate design makes it simple and smooth to draw for extended periods with 80 percent release. Moreover, the IBO speed makes it a fast bow that provides a flat arrow trajectory and balances out any minor misjudgments in the target distance. Also, the zebra string and cable increase the durability and accuracy.


The draw cycle

Because the bow has a smooth draw cycle, it’s so easy to draw. Plus, the solid wall including a complete need of creep makes it simple to finish constantly exact shots and tight groups. Both features and the long brace height create a bow with a very forgiving as well as a short axle-to-axle length.


The vibration and noise levels

The bear attitude isn’t the loudest bow or the quietest bow in the market today. Thus, although it includes a string suppressor, you can get benefits from an extra stabilizer made to dampen the noise and vibration. Plus, because the string suppressor is installed directly to the riser, the bow can avoid leading to the undue vibration riser.


The bear authority compound bow

The bear authority has been available in the market since 2014 and belongs to the bear compound bow. It’s suitable for entry levels as well as professional archers.


The materials and designs

The aluminum riser is quite lightweight and includes a double pad detachable rubber grip made to control hand torque for the comfort and accuracy. The customized grips can be adjusted to fit whether you are putting on gloves.

It also includes the customized flared quad limb for the consistency and power.

The single string suppressor is controlled by the cam system to decrease the string noise and vibration.

The bowstring can remove stretch and sight rotation. Standards models include the whole assembly with the string suppressor, string, cables, cams, limbs, and the riser.


The cam information

The EZ3 single cam system makes the  bow powerful and easy to control. The smooth cam draw has a spinning module for the management which modifies the draw length position without pressing in ½” increments of the bow.

The full draw length changes can remove cap screws of the socket head which protect the spinning module system. After eliminating the screws½” increments the module should be spin until lining up the draw length with the tick spot on the cam. You can easily reinstall those screws after aligning the ticks.


1. Which compound bow is best for beginners?

Both types as described above are good for new archers and hunters. However, we recommend that you should choose the bear attitude if you are a beginner. Because of the long brace height, lightweight, single cam system, limb design, and the excellent riser, the bear attitude compound bows offer accurate shots, smooth draws, and easier managements in the bush than the longer compound bows. They are also ideal options for children and the price generally is affordable.


2. Which compound bow is best for hunting deer?

Although the bear attitude is good for beginners, the bear authority is really the better option for hunting deer. This compound bow includes all useful things a hunter can require. The length makes it maneuverable and small enough in the field and the weight is just mere 4 pounds. When all accessories are attached, it’s extremely quiet and very well-balanced for aim, hold, and carry.


3. Which compound bow is the best value for money?

If you’re planning on the inexpensive but effective options, the bear attitude compound bow is generally the best tool for the money. It offers an excellent performance for the hunting purposes as well as a great value for a budget mined archer. Thus, as long as you choose the draw weight within the minimum standard acceptable for hunting, this bow is suitable for species you plan on hunting.


Before making a purchase, you should ensure that you understand all features of both compound bows and what you really needs. When you consider thoroughly all these things, you are ready to choose the best bow for you. Then, you can choose the high-quality equipment from reliable brands and find additional accessories that upgrade your hunting skills.


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