8 Random Crossbow Pistol Tips

8 Random Crossbow Pistol TipsJust a quick post today to give you 8 random crossbow pistol tips in no particular order.

  1. Always keep your crossbow string waxed. – If you want your string to last longer then you better start by waxing.  Waxing a bowstring helps to keep all the fibers together and reduce friction.  It also helps to protect the string from the weather.
  2. Get a feel for your trigger. – Every crossbow has a different trigger pull weight.  By getting used to the break in your trigger you will increase your accuracy.  This will lead to better safety and more enjoyment with your shooting.
  3. Practice your distances. – Make sure to actually mark off distances with a tape measure or rangefinder.  Practice at several different distances.  This will help you later when hunting or shooting at a target with an unknown distance.
  4. Use different targets – Instead of just shooting into your normal bag target get some balloons, milk jugs filled with water, phone books, your bosses picture, foam heads, etc.  You get the idea.  This will make your shooting sessions  a lot more fun.  Just make sure you still use a good backstop behind these targets for safety.
  5. Try using a rest. – A rest can be a table or even a post.  Anything that helps you stabilize your shooting.  This will lead to greater accuracy.
  6. Give one to your B.O.B. –  No not your uncle Bob but rather your bug out bag.  I wrote an article here describing what I feel is the pros and cons of using a pistol crossbow in a survival situation.
  7. Start shooting at a short distance. – Don’t start off trying to make some crazy 50 yard shot.  It isn’t safe and you will only end up feeling frustrated.  Start at 10 yards and keep working back as you become proficient.
  8. Make your own crossbow bolts – Learn how to make your bolts.  You can play around with different weights to see which one works the best in your pistol crossbow.  It also allows you to use different broad heads for hunting and fishing.

Hopefully one or two of these tips will help you get more enjoyment out of your crossbow pistol.  Have fun shooting and be safe.  Do you have a tip you would like to share?

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