6 Amazing Cobra Crossbow Pistol Accessories You Must Know About

Firing a crossbow is one of the most empowering things you can do and it’s a great way to relax, but sometimes if you want to make the most out of it you need more. Do you have any idea about the wonderful Cobra crossbow pistol accessories you can purchase at the moment? If you have one it won’t be long before you start hunting around for them, so we’ll take a look at what is on offer today and you’ll be surprised by how cheap a lot of the accessories actually are.


KingsArchery Crossbow Scope

kingsarchery crossbow scrope reviewYou might be the greatest crossbow archer in the world, but even the best need great tools to zone in on their target even better. The KingsArchery crossbow scope works so well because it has a respectable 4x magnification. The body of the scope is made out of aluminum you would find on an aircraft, and as your crossbow will have a powerful recoil it will stop it from snapping into tiny pieces.

The lens stands out because it lets in a lot of light, so you’ll always be able to see your target even in not-so-ideal conditions. You can count on it lasting for a while because it’s scratch resistant, which is always a bonus due to the fact it’s hard to see clearly when you’re looking into something with scratches on it. Your target practice will get better the moment you connect it to your crossbow.


Morrell Yellow Jacket Discharge Target

morrell yellow jacket discharge crossbow targetOne of the most annoying things about using your crossbow when you don’t have enough room at home is carrying a full-sized target with you everywhere you go. The beauty of this target is the size and weight, because it’s so compact you can carry it around anywhere with you. When you’re ready to shoot just grab it out of your car and place it somewhere sensible so you don’t hit anything you’re not supposed to.

Not only will you be able to discharge your crossbow in the quickest amount of time possible, but the arrows will come out of the Yellow Jacket almost as easily as they would come out of a wet tissue. It might be smaller than a target you’re used to firing at with your crossbow, but it will hold onto the arrows instead of letting them pass through and when you repeatedly hit the target you’ll know you have a great aim.


Hammers Wide View Electronic Reflex Red Dot Sight

Hammers Wide Red Dot Sight reviewThis might be one of the cheapest attachments for your Cobra crossbow pistol to help with your aim, but as soon as it’s attached you’ll feel like you are playing a first-person shooter video game. It will only take you a few seconds to adjust your red dot sight depending on the windage and elevation where you’re shooting, but it’s something you can’t avoid doing. Do this after flicking the switch to on and you’ll be ready to go.

The dot size on the device is 5moa, and you will be able to see it quite clearly when it’s light outside even though common sense says it will work a little better in less light. Make sure you take care of it properly, because as you might have guessed from the price it’s made of plastic and you won’t be able to give it a beating unless you want to head back online to order a new one.


KingsArchery Crossbow Arrows Review

KingsArchery Crossbow Arrows reviewIf you want to become great with your crossbow you will need a set of arrows to practice with, and this set of 30 will keep you going a long time. They have a half-moon curved shape you might like, plus if you’d prefer to use broadhead tips you can slip off the ones you’ll get with the arrows when they’re delivered. They don’t actually come with any broadhead tips as standard.

The actual arrows weigh 293 grains each, but the field point weighs 90 grains and it ends up giving you a very accurate shot as it soars through the air towards the target. They’re colored metallic red in case you care about that type of thing. They come in at just under 15 inches long, and they’re highly-recommend Cobra crossbow pistol accessories for anyone who wants superior arrows.


Speed Track 3 Inch Aluminum Arrows

Speed Track 3 Inch Aluminum Arrows reviewThere is no chance of these speed track 3 small arrows breaking due to the extremely high strength steel heads on them. They’re also so small and fast there is no chance of them bending in mid-air. They’re mean little arrows and you’ll get 20 of them in each box, which isn’t bad considering they’re fifteen bucks and will last a very long time.

It’s also not difficult to keep an eye on them as they fly through the air, and even if you miss your target you’ll always be able to find them again. It might have something to do with the striking fluorescent green color they come in. They’re worth having in your toolkit like any other steady flight arrows, especially because they’re fantastic small ones.


Speed Track 7 Inch Target Sharp Arrows

Speed Track 60 piece 60 Arrows reviewThese ones are almost the same, except they’re a little longer sitting at 7 inches. As with their little cousins, they still rock the fluorescent color but this time you’ll receive a selection of green and pink ones. There is also 60 arrows in the pack making them unbeatable when it comes to price.

I’m sure the reason they seem a lot cheaper is because of their longer PVC bodies, but of course they’ll still come with the same metal tips capable of driving into most targets. They have been known to break when the tips come into contact with solid wood at very high speeds, and this is because they fly quickly through the air. Fortunately they are so cheap you won’t care if you end up breaking a few.



You’ll want lots of Cobra crossbow pistol accessories because they make things much more exciting, and I’m sure you’ll agree now that we’ve looked at some of the best ones today. You will have your favorites, so it’s always better to start by purchasing them. Don’t forget about any as you’ll want to test them all out at some point.

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