5 Must Have Crossbow Pistol Accessories for Under $10

If you have read any of my reviews then you know that a lot of the crossbow pistols I review have some nice accessories.  However, none of them come with all the accessories that I think you need to extend the life of your crossbow and keep you shooting longer.

Below is a list of 5 of the best hand held crossbow accessories.  All of them are less than $10. The list is also in order of what I feel is the most important.​

Bohning Tex-Tite Bow String Wax

Bow String Wax

If you can only afford one accessory on this list, then make that Bohning Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax.  I can't tell you just how important it is to wax your crossbow string.

So often I read a review on a mini bow and someone is complaining the string broke quickly.  And they are right, the string did break quickly. Wanna know why?  Because they didn't wax the string.

You need to wax your string every time you shoot.  I even wax while I'm shooting if I've shot 20 or so shots.  Your string will last much longer if you do this simple and cheap fix.​

You can also use this wax on your crossbow's rails.  However, I use a different wax that we will talk about below.​

36 Pistol Crossbow Bolts

Crossbow Pistol Bolts 36 Pack

Every crossbow that I review comes with crossbow pistol arrows.  Some come with three and some come with over a dozen.

In theory you don't need any more to enjoy shooting your bow.  However, these things are cheap and you are going to break some.  Especially if you aren't using a quality target.

For under $10, you can grab a 36 pack of these bad boys.  Now you don't have to worry when one breaks because you shot into a tree or one went sailing while hunting.  Add some of these to your order and you won't regret it.​

Mini Crossbow Replacement Strings and Tips

Replacement String

I've told you that your string will last longer if you just wax it frequently.  And while that is true, it doesn't mean it's going to last forever.  You are going to want an extra one.

I inspect my string before I use my crossbow and every time that I wax it.  ​If I notice that it's fraying too much I simply replace it.  With the price of these replacement strings, it's a no-brainer.

For under $10 it's going to be a lot safer for you and your crossbow if you follow this plan.​

Barnett 3 Pack Lube Wax

Rail Lube

Technically this Barnett Lube Wax is for your crossbow string and it does work for that too.  However, I prefer to use this lube wax to wax the rails on my pistol crossbows.

Barnett's wax is softer than Bohning's wax and easier to apply to the rails.  I apply a thin coat of the wax every time before shooting my crossbow.​

This helps to cut down on the string drag when shooting.  It will extend the life of your string and I find it helps with crossbow bolt speed.​

Replacement Limb for Handheld Crossbow

Replacement Limb

This is last on my list because technically you don't need this.  A replacement limb is more of a luxury or an add-on.  

I'd suggest keeping one if you have several crossbow pistols.  Eventually you will break one.  Either from dry firing, wear from shooting or like me you step on your crossbow.

They are dirt cheap and they pretty much interchange between the major mini bow manufacturers.

Finally, you might want one to do some modifications to your crossbow.  You can cut one of these down and add it with your existing limb to give it more power.  Check out the modifications article for more ideas.​

There you have it.  5 accessories that I feel are must haves if you are going to shoot your crossbow frequently.  All are under $10 so you won't break the bank.  How many of these accessories do you already keep on hand?

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