150 lb Pistol Crossbow Review

150 lb Pistol Crossbow

Are you looking for a handheld mini crossbow that has enough power for hunting small game?  Then the Wizard Archery 150 lb Pistol Crossbow maybe the perfect crossbow pistol for you.

This mini bow comes as a complete package.  It has a 4 x 20 scope, 8 arrows, and a cocking aid to help load this beast.  To top it off it comes decked out in camouflage if you so choose.


  • 4 x 20 Scope - Right off the bat, Wizard Archery set out to make this a quality bow.  Rather than just include the normal manual sites they put a nice 4 x 20 Scope on this handheld bow.
  • 150 lb Draw - Lots of power with this bow.  At the top of the class in draw weight for pistol crossbows.  Perfect for hunting and could take down a deer with this draw weight.
  • Shoots at speeds of 210 FPS - Because of the 150 lb draw weight this bow shoots fast. Really fast.
  • 8 - 14" Crossbow Bolts - The package includes 8 - 14" aluminum bolts.  This is enough to get you to the range and out into the woods for your first hunt.
  • Free Rope Cocking Aid - Unlike other small crossbows that are self cocking, this requires a cocking aid.  Luckily Wizard Archery has included a free rope cocking aid.  That's basically a $25 value for free.
  • Integrated automatic safety.  The safety is automatically engaged when this bow is in the cocked position.  Safety is always a good thing.
  • 3 Choices of Color - One of the first handheld bows I've seen that gives you some color options.  You can get it in the standard wood, desert camo, or autumn camo (my favorite).
  • Changeable Tips - Another feature that you don't see very often on pistol crossbows.  With these crossbow pistol bolts you can change out the included field tips with broadheads.  They aren't included but readily available.
  • Larger Size - If you feel that other handheld mini bows are just too small then you may just love this bow.  It's slightly larger and beefier than most of the small bows out there.
  • 150 lb Draw Weight
  • 4 x 20 Scope
  • 8 - 14" Arrows
  • Cocking Aid Rope
  • Changeable Tips
  • Aluminium Barrel Construction
  • 2 Different Camo Choices
  • Need the included cocking aid
  • No broadheads
  • Bigger sized mini crossbow

Final Thoughts on this 150 lb Pistol Crossbow

If you want the most powerful crossbow pistol out there then this Wizard Archery bow is perfect for you.  It comes with everything you need to get started today.  It's my choice for hunting game animals.  It's quickly becoming one of my favorite crossbows for the money too.

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